I'm the founder and finder of KCV. I've been collecting vintage for over a decade because I love to give old things a new life. I have an eclectic style and I think that's definitely reflected both in my blog and my shop; I love everything from deco to boho. In addition to Kitschy Cat, I have a bachelor's degree in communication and I work as a freelance graphic designer.



This is our resident kitschy cat, Waldo. He's a seven-year-old rescue cat from Georgetown, Iowa. He's obsessed with shoes and enjoys the occasional cat nip bender.

* Find us at Funky Finds

Kitschy Cat has been selling locally in Des Moines, IA for nearly five years. We have lots of fun things sprinkled throughout Des Moines' best mid century store Funky Finds Vintage & Retro. Not local? You can always find us on Etsy!

The Kitschy Cat Vintage blog showcases how to bring vintage goods back to life— especially in small spaces. At Kitschy Cat, we aren't afraid of bold design choices; in the age of gray, a little color goes a long way.

You'll find decorating tips, organization hacks, some fun DIY projects, and you get to take a peek at some of the great items Meaghan finds. Get ideas for your own retro-inspired projects by visiting the website, and grab some great vintage goods from the Etsy shop.

Welcome to the eclectic and colorful world of Kitschy Cat Vintage!


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